Talleres Cortés manufactures the mold for the largest circular tile in the world

Talleres Cortés manufactures the mould for the largest circular tile in the world
Talleres Cortés factory, located in L´Alcora at the epicenter of Castellón tile cluster,is a good example of continued commitment to innovation. The firm,attached to the ASEBEC association, has manufactured the mould for the implementation of the “largest circular tile manufactured in the world”, as stressed by the company. It is a unique piece supplied for CICOGRES, which “constitutes a new advance in the ceramic industry”, they report from the company.

The “Round by CICOGRES”resembles the stone effect,with mineral touches and that large round format that confirms Talleres Cortés desire to improve. The manufacture of this unique mould ” confers

Circular ceramic manufactured with our mould

personality to an alos unique piece that is already manufactured in Castellón. Its diameter of 75 centimeters, the result of the technological capacity of Alcora factory, makes it a new challenge that has been met” the brand points out. From Cortés they state that “ the achievement of this circular tile is not the result of coincidence, but of our will and constant investment to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the needs of the clientele”. In short, it is a specific product tailored to a demanding consumer who seeks a personalized result and which has led the company to increase its R + D + i.