Our web www.cortes-moldes.com, renewed

Past few months we have renewed our web www.cortes-moldes.com in both Spanish and English by adapting it to the changing needs of our customers looking for the best information on new innovations in the field of precision molds tile, as well as in relation to designs for the new inkjet systems in the ceramic industry. […]

Great success of web visits www.designscortes.com

Manufacturers of tiles and ceramic tiles embossed around the world are very satisfied with this new web www.designscortes.com. Since launching earlier this year, thanks to this website to buy online, you can instantly acquire designs for precision ceramic molds, as well as the template, rubber and punches that are desired, or just the design. According […]

Ceramics China 2014

With the great endeavor of organizers, Ceramics China 2014 has been the largest fair, both in quantity and quality. It covers 10 halls in total, more than 1000 exhibitors from 20 countries, and the exhibiting area exceeds 100 thousand square meters. During the 3.5 days show, visitors exceed 60000, extraordinary high than expected. About 15 […]

Batimatec 2014

The progress of the tile industry based on new inkjet printing systems is unstoppable throughout the world. All ceramic industries, trying to meet the design needs of its customers, are increasing the importantly to develop new designs based inkjet systems. Companies such as Talleres Cortés S.L. are able to provide tiles companies all solutions to […]

New section ” Relief + Graphic” in our Online Shop Web

Our web www.designscortes.com has been extended with a new section called “Relief + Graphic”. This web that allows instant and on-line purchase of new designs for precision ceramic molds, as well as the template, rubber and desired punches, or just the design, now offers a new section with reliefs with various colors designed by fashion […]

Iranian Tile Trade Show – Suncer.

The Iranian tiles manufacturing sector keeps its splendid good shape, as we saw first hand by visiting our customers in the SUNCER ceramics industry fair held  in Yazd, Meybod- Iran. On our visit to SUNCER, we were very pleasantly surprised about the great welcome that Iranian manufactured tiles had between customers and visitors to the […]

Unicera Turkey 2014

Talleres Cortés S.L. has been visiting clients which showed their new tiles products at this fair which meets 26 years. New tiles displayed show that there are no limits on creativity in designs in relief, thanks to companies like Talleres Cortés S.L., Who provides these companies with tile reliefs precision molds for inkjet systems with […]

Superb acceptance of the first website selling designs and punches totally on-line worldwide: www.designscortes.com

After the Cevisama ‘s first day it has become clear the great interest among the global tile industry regarding the presentation of the first website selling designs and punches totally online: www.designscortes.com. Crowding the stand of Talleres Cortés S.L. Cortés in this edition of Cevisama, no one wanted to miss this new tool that allows […]