CORTÉS creates a remote-controlled cleaning blower to improve efficiency

The company Talleres Cortés, located in l’Alcora, has manufactured a new article to meet the needs of the ceramic auxiliary industry. This is a remote-controlled cleaning blower that reduces costs and takes advantage of its versatility in the use of compressed air. Blowing with compressed air is a technique used in industry to carry out numerous processes such as cleaning.

In this case, after 74 years of professional experience, the factory has developed a model based on four characteristics to increase its potential: blowing by impulses with up to five cycles per second to recover pressure; blowing by zones so that each mould space receives all the available flow; blowing synchronised with the press; and, finally, versatility according to the circumstances of each mould, press and operation.remote-controlled cleaning blower

The firm has designed this tool with the possibility of configuring it in real time via wifi or bluetooth to adapt to industry 4.0 and the implementation of new technologies, which are already an indispensable part of work routines. This versatile blowing system makes the most of the customer’s resources in the compressed air system to deal with its high cost, which makes it necessary to guarantee energy efficiency in its use.

The origin of the project arises from a real case due to a customer’s blowing problem, which required the cleaning of a mould with more than 20 outputs, for which he was forced to activate the continuous blowing of 19 tubes. However, the high energy cost did not lead to real efficiency as the flow rate to each outlet pipe was minimal.

This was the starting point for an investigation to optimise the margin of improvement in savings and productivity of blowing for mould cleaning, which led to this new product. Intermittent zone blowing and efficient small nozzles boost the performance of this tool, which is now available to the auxiliary industry.

Since its inception, Talleres Cortés has made it a priority to meet the needs and demands of its customers, at the forefront of a constantly changing industry. The new remote-controlled compressed air blower system is yet another example of the company’s innovative vocation to offer real solutions to a key sector in the economy of Castellón and Spain. Reducing costs and guaranteeing energy efficiency, in a context of deep commitment to the environment, are guaranteed with this new project.