Constant innovation and development of new more creative ceramic products has led to a continuous adaptability in developing new punches, in which we are specialists, capable of producing both, the good face and the back face of the ceramic product.

 There is no need for which we cannot provide you a perfect punch for your production, especially for inkjet printing systems.


The good face punches can be smooth or raised (they are called structured too).

With these types of punches the visible part of the tiles is obtained once they have been placed in their final place.


The word "smooth" perfectly describes the purpose of this type of punch and it is to obtain a completely or almost completely smooth surface on the tile or ceramic piece that is obtained with them.


Especially used with the new inkjet technologies, this type of punches is used for the production of ceramic pieces in relief, without the height of the relief being any limit, being able to generate any desired geometry.

At Talleres Cortés, our design department is capable of capturing any design, relief or structure from the image, idea or concept to the punch that later enables the manufacture of ceramic pieces with their own personality.


The rib face punches can be (from the construction point of view):

isostatic or solid

With this type of punch, the non-visible part of the tiles is obtained once they have been placed in their final place, that is, the part that makes contact with the ground or the wall and that normally shows a grid that facilitates the grip with the cement or similar. It is the reverse of the ceramic piece.


Isostatic punches are characterized by having a grid inside that allows oil circulation. (Note on the image the red valve that prevents the oil introduced into the punch from escaping).

Upon receiving the pressure exerted by the press on the ground, the oil inside the isostatic punch moves so that the pressure exerted on the ground is homogeneous, therefore improving the apparent density of the molded part.


In contrast to the isostatic punches, the solid ones are characterized by being a single piece that does not have a single drop of oil inside.

Technical solutions that you can apply in the back side punches: