The function of the top plates is to hold up the upper punches.

Nowadays the upper punches can be: magnetic, electro permanent and isostatic electro permanent. 


The magnetic plate holds up the upper punches thanks to the magnetism. 

This hold is maintained as long as there is an uninterrupted current flow.

When the current flow is interrupted the magnetism stops working and consequently the punches fall because the plate demagnetizes. 

Electro permanents


The electro permanent upper plates avoid the risk of accidental falls of the upper punches since once they are magnetized they remain in the state even if the flow of electric current is interrupted.


This kind of plate just needs electric current to change its state  (magnetized/ not magnetized) with the use of the electrical control panel.

Therefore, we can say that it saves energy.


Talleres Cortés has started to manufacture the second generation of top isostatic plates that they are available to commercialize. This project lent continuity to one of the most important products of Cortés.



This kind of plate, in addition to having the characteristics of the electropermanent plate, allows to obtain:

  • Longer punch life
  • The high quality of the pressed tile
  • Homogeneity during the pressing process between different cavities