The penetrating mold is the most common. In this mold, the punch coupled to the upper plate is the one that moves “penetrating” (hence the name) in the cavity  of the die that remains fixed.

It is normally used for pressing ceramic pieces to the good side at the bottom.

It allows to manufacture the tiles with a spacer.

They are the molds with less complexity.

See exploded view or parts of the penetrating mold in 3d.

See exploded view or parts of the penetrating mold.


Into this type of mould, the upper punch does not enter the cavity of the die.

The tile is usually molded with the good side on top.

The matrix is not fixed.

The spacer has no function.

The complexity of this mould is medium.


The semi-penetrating mould or also called semi-mirror makes the upper punch enter the cavity of the die to a fixed depth.

Normally the good face of the ceramic piece is molded into the upper part.

The matrix is not fixed as in the case of the penetrating mould.

The spacer is not molded into the press.

This type of mould is of medium complexity.

See the parts that make up a semi-mirror or semi-penetrating mould



This type of mold is called double because it is composed of two dies, one at the top and the other at the bottom

The double mirror mold forms the tile on top with the good face of the tile on top.

The lower matrix is mobile.

The tile is molded with a spacer.

It is a mold with a high complexity compared to the other types of mold.


In Talleres Cortés we can produce special moulds for special pieces like this to manufacture vitreous mosaic.


CORTES has also specialized in the manufacture of moulds for large formats with 1, 2, 3, outputs and in different configurations. 

Due to the tendency to manufacture large-sized tiles, it is necessary to use steel punches with considerable weight. To facilitate the extraction of these heavy large format punches, a hydraulic system has been incorporated with pistons that raise the punches, making them protrude from the die. This allows operators to handle them better and make model changes more easily.

Die with blocks incorporating punch lifting pistons


To optimize productivity and reduce costs, Talleres Cortés is capable of manufacturing moulds:

  • double row (allowing two rows of pieces to be pressed in each press) 
  • multi format (which allow the manufacture of two different formats or shapes on the same mold making the opportune change of supplements and blades)

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