What is a liner?

Mold that uses interchangeable inserts and supplements to allow the manufacture of straight and irregular models with the same matrix.

It is a piece of iron or steel that is placed on the contour of the matrix´s cavity in order to define the measure and the external shape of the lateral tile  that it is intended to manufacture.

In Talleres Cortes we are always very mindful of the clients needs. That is why our ceramic industry is characterized by performing work with precision.  The liners make it possible to achieve this precision since the tiles manufactured with the help of these elements must meet the stipulated standards of the formats.  

conventional | interchangeable


The conventional, traditional or also called recessed liners are the first type of liners used in ceramic tooling.


The interchangeable liners, also called removable, are the second generation or an evolution of the conventional ones.

In Talleres Cortes we have been analysing the possibility of reducing the cost for ceramic manufacturers and thus we patented the interchanged assembled frame  that we usually call “interchangeable liners”. The “Interchangeable assembled die frame” is a patented system with patent number P200102625.

This type of interchangeable liners facilitates the change of formats since this change is extremely simple and fast, keeping the mould inside the press.



Wolfram or tungsten is approximately three times stiffer than steel and is much denser than steel or titanium. Tungsten carbide is between 8.5 and 9.0 on the Moh’s hardness scale, which means it is almost as hard as diamond.

It is one of the most resistant, durable and reliable metals that exist.

The blades or liners made from this component have a long service life and an extremely high melting point but at the same time a much higher manufacturing cost than normal blades.