2009 was a year of challenges and improvements. In the middle of the hardest economic crisis that our sector has experienced and, in general, the Spanish society, Talleres Cortés decided to expand its business beyond national borders. Again, the Alcora factory made history by looking for an opportunity, in this case in Peru, where it decided to establish its headquarters in America.

All the beginnings are difficult, and the beginning of the Latin American journey was not easy either. It obliged a large investment in machinery and technology to match the company’s performance in Spain to the new business. And all this at a time of great economic uncertainty. But the bet, founded on the need to serve a market that awakens, is today more than consolidated.

Nearly a decade later, Cortés Moldes Perú operates with the tranquillity of designing, marketing and offering an after-sales service to a customer that has identical guarantees to the local one. Thanks to this ambition, Cortés products are sold in any country in the world. From Spain, they serve Europe, Africa and Asia, while the factory in Peru distributes and markets in America.

Thanks to this conception of the business, the company has more facilities to adapt to the demands of each area. Not in vain, ceramic moulding is also subject to geographic and temporal trends. The client is the only one alive, where he lives and that is where proximity brings all its potential. As in the physical store, repairs and after-sales service also works at full capacity in the plant in Peru, which extends product and service to the American continent.

The own machinery allows a highly qualified team to meet the needs of a client that lacks a similar integral service in the whole of America. All the service offering can be found on the website to give visibility to a realistic catalogue anywhere in the world.