Our web www.cortes-moldes.com, renewed

'Talleres Cortes, Precision Moulds and Relief Designs for the Inkjet I Precision Moulds and Relief Designs' - www.cortes-moldes.comPast few months we have renewed our web www.cortes-moldes.com in both Spanish and English by adapting it to the changing needs of our customers looking for the best information on new innovations in the field of precision molds tile, as well as in relation to designs for the new inkjet systems in the ceramic industry.

The new design of the website www.cortes-moldes.com reflects the innovative nature of Talleres Cortés, committed to strong visual and accurate information about the various elements surrounding our ceramics industry.

In www.cortes-moldes.com you will find information on the development of the products we make, always attentive to the needs of the market and our customers. You can also find information about our evolution as company since we started in 1951. You will find information about moulds, punches, all kinds of accessories and services that we can offer.

Also from www.cortes-moldes.com you will have direct access to our online store for ceramic reliefs designs: www.designscortes.com. Constantly increasing the collection with new designs, companies can incorporate into their expanding tile ranges of models with innovative designs.

punches redWe have made a special effort in order to facilitate as much as possible contact with our customers, which is available on a new contact section in the web www.cortes-moldes.com, and a complete map of our representatives and contact places all over the world.

From the new website www.cortes-moldes.com you will be able to follow the News and Novelties of all the new products, new designs in relief inkjet systems for the ceramics industry, innovations in the field of precision molds for tiles, … and also using a “responsive” design to ensure that all these information can be shown in computers, ipads, tablets and smartphones with a service tailored to each type of device design.