New section ” Relief + Graphic” in our Online Shop Web

Our web has been extended with a new section called “Relief + Graphic”.

This web that allows instant and on-line purchase of new designs for precision ceramic molds, as well as the template, rubber and desired punches, or just the design, now offers a new section with reliefs with various colors designed by fashion artists and graphic designers. nuevaseccion1

Also, since has at your disposal the entire catalog of designs for embossed and relief molds made by our own design department from Talleres Cortés SL, as well as exclusive collections of designs by top designers for Talleres Cortés SL designs that are constantly updated. Constantly we are incorporating new ideas and designs, and deleting those that have already been purchased by a client, since all designs are completely unique.

The web allows your tile company to contemplate the latest trends in design for your next creations of ceramic tiles, embossed and relief designs especially for inkjet systems.

There are very significant cost savings for any company involved with the use of services because you will not depend on the visit of any company or mold designs to show new proposals and designs, in addition to the super competitive prices for the designs and punches in web

Of course, making use of the services from, companies have total peace of mind and security to have at their disposal all the technical, manufacturing, design and after-sales s department services as a leader company such as Talleres Cortés SL is proud to offer.