Talleres Cortés S.L., the first company in Spain dedicated to the manufacture and repair of moulds for the ceramic industry, knows firsthand how important investment is in a factory that looks to the future. Sustaining a business in constant change and adapting to the demands of the market also forces us to introduce innovations in the plant.

That is why the Alcora company has spared no resources, nor will it, to place its workshop at the forefront of the sector. The specific case of Talleres Cortés has in its demand for large formats for the ceramic industry,  its greatest need to modernize facilities and equipment. The changes of the tendency now point to pieces of dimensions superior to what was customary in the most recent era, a fact that has led Cortes to renew equipment.

This is the case of the rectifier of flat surfaces, the new CNC or the vulcanizing press, all of them focused a customer that demands large formats. In addition, Talleres Cortés has also increased its fleet of vehicles with a new truck that will contribute to the growth of the firm through a professional service. Investment in state-of-the-art machinery is part of the letter of presentation of the Cortés brand, synonymous with good practices in ceramic dies.

The firm commitment to investment follows the line marked since 1951, in the origins of the company. Thanks to this commitment transmitted between generations, Talleres Cortés has overcome the ups and downs of the sector and the global economy has adapted to the changes demanded by a client with high expectations and today looks to the future with security.

Not in vain, the renovation of the machinery of the plant through constant investments complements the rest of the assets of Talleres Cortés: a personalized service, 24-hour assistance, the strict internal control of quality and the commitment to R & D as shown of a complete business.