Talleres Cortés installs solar panels in its factory in l’Alcora to reduce its energy cost

12/2/2021 – CASTELLÓ. The commitment to efficient production is a maxim of Talleres Cortés, especially in the context of the energy crisis. It is for this reason that the Alcora factory has started the installation of solar panels to take advantage of clean energy.

The objective of self-consumption and respect for the ecosystem are key in the roadmap of a company dedicated to machinery for the ceramic industry that has been adapting to new challenges since its inception. In this case, the current moment forces us to seek answers to the difficulties that arise along the way and which translate into a clear increase in the price of energy and a planet that needs alternatives to outrageous consumption.

Talleres Cortés does not escape these claims and in 2021 it has begun work to install solar panels in its factory, a fact that will have a direct impact on the electricity bill of the firm directly and also in the future. “Reducing costs is the only alternative for a company so that the rise in the price of materials and energy does not affect the customer’s pocket,” they explain from the company.

His is an example for so many tile factories and their ancillary industries that there is no turning back and that it is a real solution to a more than notorious problem.

To be more efficient is to be more productive and, therefore, to guarantee the growth and continuation of a consolidated and growing workforce since it began its journey in 1951. The challenges have varied to become a leader in the manufacture of molds and relief design for inkjet systems, without leaving aside the technical and after-sales service so valued by customers.

Today these opportunities go through knowing how to take better advantage of the energy market, in constant tension, and aspiring to self-consumption as a production model. “In a land that enjoys the sun for more than two-thirds of the year, we cannot miss the opportunity to make the most of that strength. The industry has to be a pioneer not only in professionalization and cutting-edge machinery, but also in reinventing its models ”, they affirm. Talleres Cortés achieves this with this decisive change that will mark the future of its production.