Great success of web visits

Manufacturers of tiles and ceramic tiles embossed around the world are very satisfied with this new web Since launching earlier this year, thanks to this website to buy online, you can instantly acquire designs for precision ceramic molds, as well as the template, rubber and punches that are desired, or just the design.

According to what our customers are telling us, this tool allows them to greatly speed up their design processes and launching new models for tiles and ceramic tiles using inkjet printing systems. The advantages are many, but highlight the ease in an immediate and choose from hundreds of online fashion designs that can be used immediately.

There is also a section on “Design + Graphic “, with embossed and relief designs with different options for different colors of artist-designed fashion and graphic designers, in exclusive collections of designs in relief. Of course in addition provided in entire catalog of designs for precision molds own embossed design department of Talleres Cortés S.L.

Designs are constantly updated and new proposals and ideas are incorporated. But as all the embossed and relief designs are exclusive, once they have already been purchased, they are deleted from the catalog.

Our customers who use the services of, emphasizes the satisfaction. Our customers do not hesitate to value our exceptional quality of service, as well as the advantage of being able to rely fully on the qualitmct-031y and attention of a leader as Talleres Cortés to help and advice on what they may need.