Talleres Cortes delivers the corporate calendars for 2016


Cortes has begun to deliver and table and wall 2016 calendars made by the company for its customers in the ceramics sector, suppliers and employees.mct-397

The calendar for the coming year includes exclusive creations made by several freelance designers that work with Talleres Cortes in the development of new and innovative creations for the ceramic sector.

Calendars for 2016 from the Spanish company, supplier of all kinds of machinery for the manufacture of precision molds, punches and reliefs design for inkjet systems, graphically show the great work done by employees of Cortes in each of their projects and natural stone creations.

Cortes that currently is preparing its participation in Cevisama 2016, comes every year to surprise the tile industry with its corporate calendars, unique and innovative objectives with which it is present in the daily lives of many people.