Research, development and innovation (R + D + i) are assumed concepts for a company such as Talleres Cortés S.L., which since 1951 has been searching for new solutions for ceramic die-casting. During this time, it has not renounced his vocation to improve in order to meet the demands of a single client. The new challenges of the Alcora factory go through the pressing of large formats and high reliefs.

The research has been the key to the company to be able to adapt without further setbacks than those of the competition to these new trends. These go through a revolution in the conception of the pieces and, therefore, also in the machinery that processes them. This fact led the company to an effort to modernize equipment. This is the case of the pressing of large formats, which has special moulds to facilitate digital decoration.

The research to stay ahead of these new market demands was followed by the development of a new plant concept to implement the 4.0 industry model. Talleres Cortés fulfilled the maxim of innovation at a time of change in the ceramic sector. These developments in the factory will result in cost savings in medium and long-term.

Talleres Cortés fulfills the pretensions of researching, developing and innovating to guarantee the future of the company and contribute to the advances in the sector as a whole. Not in vain, to adjust to those premises in anything supposes to do without the rest of the characteristics that define the first company of Spain dedicated to the manufacture and repair of moulds for the ceramic industry.

Talleres Cortés keeps intact the commitment to the development of a new plant concept, the renewal of machinery to adapt to the demand of large formats and, above all, to attend professionally and quickly to a customer who demands quality.