A year of innovations and development of new products

Talleres Cortes in 2015 has boosted development projects, research and innovation and launched new products and services in order to meet the needs of the ceramic sector and remain one of the leading companies for the ceramics industry in Valencia.mct-284

With investigations that have been launched during this year, Cortes has tried , among things, to avoid reflection in the back side of the tiles; the development of new products or the improvement and efficiency of the processes at their own facilities.

Likewise, Cortes has also introduced important innovations in precision machinery such as molds, punches and designs in relief for the tile industry. Among these innovations there is a new punch model which improves the saving of sand for the production of ceramic tiles; specific punches for inkjet decoration systems, 10,000 gaus magnetic induction systems or a innovative and accurate internal tracking system.

Talleres Cortes works every day to keep innovating and developing new solutions to its customers, major companies in the ceramic industry, offering the highest levels of creativity and quality in each of their products.