In Talleres Cortes we are proud to have completed 70 years at the service of the ceramic industry, manufacturing and fine-tuning the molds and die-making that it uses in its day to day. #70anniversary


Talleres Cortés celebrates its 70th anniversary with a video edited for the occasion that reflects the transformation of the factory in l’Alcora and its vocation to continue innovating. It is committed to new technologies to show the world in a minute and a half of interaction the day to day of the company from each department. Only a perfect interplay between the different areas could keep it at the forefront of the manufacture and marketing of molds for the tile industry.
And that space of cooperation and permanent effort to stay at the forefront of the sector is reflected in an audiovisual piece that reflects that times have changed inside and outside the production itself. The facilities located in the heart of the ceramic industry, the design of machinery and parts, transport, the commitment to safety, offices and, above all, human capital leave their mark on this commemorative video.
Seventy years with a perfect chain gear make their mark and open the way to a new way of relating to the environment and customers. Now it is the website, social networks and the industry newspaper that will make the need to tell the world about the progress of an industry that is constantly evolving at all stages of its activity a reality.
However, the pride of belonging to a leading firm that has overcome the ups and downs of the market and the different crises it has gone through in seven decades of history has not changed. The business model remains upright but demands new efforts such as this commitment to open the company from l’Alcora to society through a new audiovisual material.
What is not communicated does not exist and in Talleres Cortés there is an example of overcoming and a job well done. Telling society about it is the latest challenge posed by the management to celebrate a special anniversary and, at the same time, to reach a public that has also changed its way of being informed. The need to know who designs, who serves us, to whom we entrust our machines or products is a fact and this 2022 of profound changes is also an opportunity to open the factory without reservations.
Facing new challenges with the ability to adapt to those who resist change has been a pillar for the stability and growth of a company that today celebrates 70 years of activity with the satisfaction of having fulfilled its duty.