Since 1951

It is a pleasure for us to introduce to you “Talleres Cortés” a factory that since 1951 has been given support to the ceramic industry. Our main aim is to innovate and develop new solutions in the ceramic tiles in order to satisfy our clients, who demand to express their creativity  and obtain the highest quality of the products.

Thanks to the trust that our clients placed in us, we feel encouraged  to give better solutions in the repairing and manufacturing of moulds and punches for the ceramic industry. 

In 1951  we started our company working just with a drill, a saw, a brushing machine and an electrode welding. However, nowadays our facilities have transformed into a spacious machine pool where we produce any kind of moulds and excellent services as:

  • design service for inkjet systems 
  • technical support 
  • after-sales services


Our facilities are located in Alcora, the heart of the Spanish tile industry. 

We have an industrial area of 3.985 m2  in a building area of 10.000 m2  that is provided with machinery able to offer a constant evolution in improvement processes related with the manufacture and the design of the moulds.