Work with us as a DESIGNER or CREATIVE or⁠ FREELANCE

trabaja con nosotros ! ! work with us !!Are you a DESIGNER or⁠ CREATIVE or⁠ FREELANCE?


CORTES since 1951, leading manufacturing tooling for ceramic tile.

We offer our customers exclusive designs to dress up different spaces in which the use of ceramic tiles can be accommodated.

Due to the success of, our international online Tiles Designs sales web, we need your help as Creative.



We’re seeking  DESIGNER / CREATIVE motivated to participate in projects to create exclusive designs.

We need and appreciate your creativity.

If you love the Design.

If you want to show the world your Creations.


Skills requirements:

-⁠ Experience in design and/⁠or creativity

-⁠ Creation of designs

-⁠ Graphic design.


Work from Home /⁠ Work with us.

If you want to work from home, at your own pace, without timetables ….

Then we suggest that you join our “Creative Freelance Designers”  team working from home.



Immediate incorporation.

Benefits: We’ll buy all creative designs you make correctly. You put the limits.

We are waiting for you!!

If you are interested, fill out the form and we will contact you.