Social Action

Within the social initiatives undertaken by Talleres Cortés there is the start-up of a free vehicle intended for social purposes, one of which has gained increased recognition by the residents of the municipality.

In November 2007, began operating this 9-seater minibus that serves all citizens with permanent or temporary -disabilities that need or require it. For example, one of the most popular services is the transfer of these persons with physical disabilities, to Alcora’s Health Centre. Also performs other social services, such as taking every day, children and young people to attend to minibus 1Alcora Occupational Centre and the Program of Social Warranty of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Castellón.

From the Mayor’s Office, with whom we collaborate with other companies in the financing of this service, are satisfied by the success of this initiative, noting that it is a right for citizens and a duty for political development initiatives to facilitate the day by day for everyone, especially those who, for whatever circumstances, find themselves into great difficulties in their daily lives.

The City provides a transport vehicle for social (Mediterraneo Newspaper: El Ayuntamiento da a conocer un vehículo para el transporte social ( El Periódico Mediterraneo - 14/11/2007 )